How to Make Webcomics

  • Originally published in 2008 before¬†we even knew what social media really was.
  • For years, aspiring cartoonists¬†have dreamed about making a living from their work. But until recently their only avenue of success was through a syndicate or publisher. Now more and more cartoonists are doing it on their own and self-publishing their comic strips on the web. With the right amount of work, knowledge, and luck, so, too, can you. Scott Kurtz and Kristopher Straub offer their advice on how to create compelling characters, develop a solid comic strip, build a website, forge a community, and start earning money from your Webcomic without having to sell your soul.
  • Extremely out of date, but some of the stuff in here still applies.
  • Kind of neat, in a time-capsule kind of way.