New Tier Structure/content/live events

My dearest supporters,

While my careers goals and output have changed, the tiers of this Patreon have not changed to match them. And so our existing tier structure no longer makes sense and needs to be updated.

So, with some careful thought and planning, I’ve decided on a new tier structure to better reflect where I am, and what I can provide you in the way of content that’s worth your time and money.

We are moving to three tiers: $3, $5, and $10.

The $3 tier is for people who just want to support me for the work that I do (or have done). Patreon is my main source of income right now and you just want to help me continue to make things without having to get a day job.

Those who support at the $5 tier will get access to all of the content I post here on Patreon exclusively. Most of this content will be process work. Commissions, time-lapse art videos, blogs, and access to recordings of live streams and podcasts.

The $10 tier is for people who really want to bend my ear. at least once every month, I’ll be hosting a live event via Crowdcast. You’ll be able to watch live, ask questions in chat, and even join me live on video and audio. These events will range from live drawing sessions, interviews, Q&As, and even teaching sessions where I help participants with what they’re working on.

Our first live event will be a Q&A with me on Wednesday, May 4th at 7 pm PST. I’ll be making a separate post for the event and anyone at the $10 tier level can register to participate. Those who back at the $5 level will be able to see a recording of the event the following week.

Your current tiers still exist, they’re just “unpublished.” Nobody new can sign up at those tiers and the rewards promised for them are no longer guaranteed.

I apologize for the upheaval. Nobody likes change. But I didn’t feel right having tiers I was no longer producing appropriate work for and these changes help me keep the lights on.

As ever, I am completely grateful for your support over the years and hope you’ll continue to support my work.