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Hey! I just send a new email out to our mailing list about the new site.

And it occurred to me that people reading the new site, may not even know we have a mailing list. It’s a pretty cool list. We use it to keep you up to date on new comics, podcasts, art drops, giveaways, and even exclusive merch from time to time. If you’re interested, you can sign up here.

Welcome to

Hello, and welcome to, the home of Scott Kurtz and all the stupid stuff he draws.

Over the last two decades, I’ve written and drawn a lot of comics and I felt it was time for all of it to live in one place. This is that place. is the new home of PvP, Table Titans, Mort, and all of the other odds and ends I plan to make in the years to come.

Don’t worry, the URLs you have bookmarked for PvP and Table Titans still work, they just take you to their individual sections of this new site. New website launches are always dicey. Things might break and I’m sure we’ll find plenty of stuff to tweak so bear with us.

One thing you won’t find on our new website is ads. Over the last couple of years, online advertising and really taken a nose-dive in both quality and value. It was a never-ending game of whack-a-mole trying to manage our ad network to stop displaying intrusive and sometimes even malicious ads. The minute we’d block a bad-faith advertiser from the site, another would pop up.

Instead of monetizing my work with ads, I’m hoping you’ll join our Patreon. Even becoming a backer at our lowest tier for a few months would generate more revenue for me than spending a year visiting the site with terrible ads on it.

Patreon is heavily integrated into this site. While some things will always be offered free of charge I ask that you join our Patreon community to enjoy the breadth of my vast archives. There are thousands of comic strips and hundreds of pages of adventure for you to enjoy. As well as informative looks behind the scenes at my process and access to live events and podcasts.

This is a bit of a scary move for me. I’ve always given everything away for free and used ads to compensate me for my work. But things have changed. Adblockers are baked into every phone and browser (and for good reason). So it’s time to adapt.

I’ve been posting my comics online since 1998, and every year since we’ve faced a new challenge. But every year you kids stepped up and supported us through those challenges and I have no doubt you’ll do the same once again. I love making comics for you. I love sharing my process and my story with you. And I hope you’ll continue with me.

Here’s to another year of challenges! Let’s swing for the fences.



Connecting the dots.

The new Toonhound Studios website is complete and we’re doing the final tweaks and testing before we put things live. I’m uploading content manually since it’s not really possible to transfer the archives between our old sites and the new ones.

I can’t help but skim the strips as they go up, which is the first time I’ve read these books since I posted them the first time. When I read the strip above, I got a smile across my face.

Val says “I was just some dork who showed up to play, then you guys made me a Titan.”

That’s the book I’m working on now. She’s talking about being in middle-school and meeting them for the first time. I didn’t know that when I wrote it, and I didn’t remember the line when I outlined the new book. But it lines up.

That’s pretty cool, right?